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GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association)

GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) is the voice of the global mobile ecosystem representing companies engaged in the supply of infrastructure, semiconductors, test equipment, devices, applications and mobile support services. The organisation plays a central role in promoting 3GPP technology, advocating spectrum policies and stimulating IMT industry development. The association is a single source of information for industry reports and market intelligence.
The GSA GAMBoD database is a unique search and analysis tool that has been developed to enable searches of LTE and 5G devices and new global data on Mobile Broadband Networks, Technologies and Spectrum (NTS). Results are presented as a list or in charts. Charts may be inserted into documents or presentations, subject to accreditation of GSA as the source. GAMBoD is a resource dedicated to promoting the success and growth of the Mobile Broadband (MBB) industry and ecosystem and is fully available to all employees of GSA Executive and Ordinary Member companies and GSA Associates who subscribe to the service. More information on GAMBoD is available here: https://gsacom.com/gambod/

Department of Digitalization of Almaty city

To ensure integrated development of digital culture in Almaty, a government-owned institution 'Almaty City Department of Digitalization' was created in September 2019.

Department of Digitalization is the state body of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is authorized to ensure implementation of digital state policy and provision of public services in Almaty city. In accordance with its competences, Department of Digitilization is responsible for interaction of local executive bodies with territorial divisions of state bodies, with citizens and organizations.

Department's mission is to create conditions for establishing comfortable city for citizens by improving digital infrastructure and quality of public services.

The goal  is to form and ensure development of info-communication infrastructure and to improve quality of public services.

National Telecommunications Association of Kazakhstan (NTA)

National Telecommunications Association of Kazakhstan (NTA) was established in 2002, in the organizational and legal form - "association of legal persons".

NTA is a voluntary association of leading telecom operators, recognized leaders in the telecommunications market, most fully reflecting diverse interests of telecom operators. NTA is currently the leading professional organization that has established itself as an active developer of proposals for the development and improvement of the communications industry by elimination of administrative barriers and the formation of an effective regulatory the legal framework governing the activities of telecommunications companies. NTA is accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the right to conduct expertise of draft normative legal acts affecting the interests of the private sector entrepreneurship. This means that regulation by

state in the field of communications takes place with the obligatory consideration of the opinion of the NTA. Speaking as an independent public organization, the NTA carefully studies and takes into account global trends in the development of the telecommunications industry, but in its activity relies primarily on the practical experience of its members and repelled from the real conditions of Kazakhstan. NTA works closely and provides comprehensive assistance, both as consultants and as experts to government institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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International portal "HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!"

The primary objective of the international portal "HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!" lies in demonstrating and promoting a positive image of

Russia: in presenting Russia as a highly-developed industrial, cultural, sports and tourism destination; utilizing additional opportunities for the development of business contacts and ties; attracting both Russian and foreign investors and partners; and popularizing the idea of corporate social responsibility and cultivating a sense of patriotism.

The portal presents CEOs and organizations who want to change the world’s perception of Russia, drawing on their own real-world experience to showcase the real Russia: its resources and demands. We are confident that in the near future, each and every Russian citizen will be rightly proud of their country. But this spirit must be built on a deep knowledge of this country, its regions and organizations. The international portal "HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!" offers cooperation to CEOs who are: looking for new partners; ready to support the idea of presenting the resources and demands of Russian organizations in Russia and at the international level; developing their organizations by actively using information technologies; protective of their business reputation and the reputation of their organizations.