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IEC Telecom Group

IEC Telecom Group is a leading international satellite service operator with nearly three decades of engineering expertise in voice and data services for land and maritime use. The brand’s portfolio includes a wide range of hybrid satellite and LTE products, solutions, and value-added services.

IEC Telecom enables digitalisation for remote units on land and offshore. For urban networks, the Group provides powerful satellite back-up to ensure the business continuity of customer enterprises.

IEC Telecom has strong commercial and technical relationships with major satellite operators across the world, including Starlink, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Yahsat and more. With a multi-networks approach, our team enables dependable & cybersecure service on the pause and on the move.

IEC Telecom Group has regional presence across nine countries: France, UAE, Kazakhstan, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey and Mallorca.

The office of IEC Telecom Kazakhstan was founded in 2014 in Almaty by a team of leading specialists with many years of experience in the field of satellite communications. Today, IEC Telecom Kazakhstan is the undisputed leader in the regional satellite telecommunication market.

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X SAT FZE (branded as XSAT Global)

X SAT FZE (branded as XSAT Global) is a satellite telecommunications company founded in 2002 and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The main focus area of the company is providing of telecommunications services, including satellite communication services, development of solutions and qualified support in the field of information technology in the countries of the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and the CIS countries.

X SAT FZE has its offices in Dubai (Jebel Ali SEZ) and Ajman (U.A.E.), Basra (Iraq), Delhi (India), Atlanta (USA) and Almaty (Kazakhstan).

In 2006, an official agreement was concluded with Thuraya Satellite (U.A.E.), in 2007 – with Iridium Communications (USA) and Inmarsat (UK).

In 2009, as part of developing the distribution of telecommunications services in the U.A.E., a partnership agreement was concluded with the Emirates telecommunications operator: Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du).

In 2012, a partnership agreement was concluded with the international satellite communications organization named Intersputnik.

In 2017, a contract for providing YahClick services in Ka-band in African countries was signed with Yahsat, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (U.A.E.)

In 2020, a partnership agreement was concluded with Huawei to provide Huawei products and services in the Republic of Iraq.

Over 18 years of work, our highly qualified specialists have designed and implemented more than 150 large and medium-sized telecommunications projects in more than 24 countries for clients from the oil and gas complex, transport companies, radio broadcasting and television, public and private companies, law enforcement agencies, and maritime transport.

Our key clients are:

  • World Food Program (NGO)
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (NGO)
  • United Nations Office for Project Services (NGO)
  • (media)
  • Nestle (production)
  • Nokia Networks (telecom)
  • Megafon (telecom)
  • Basra Gas Company (oil&gas)
  • British Petroleum (oil&gas)
  • Kuwait Energy (oil&gas)
  • RAK Petroleum (oil&gas)
  • LUKOIL Oil Company (oil&gas)
  • Petronas (oil&gas)
  • Saipem (oil&gas)
  • Iraq Drilling Company (oil&gas)
  • CBI (construction)
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Integrated Cable

Integrated Cable - Fiber Optic Cable Production and Sale

Fiber optic cable is now an integral part of modern telecommunication networks: it allows high-speed long-distance transmission of information signals regardless of climatic conditions.

We have been on the market for 20 years. Our aim is to provide a first-class quality fiber optic cable that will ensure uninterrupted operation of communication lines.

We offer a wide range of VOC’s different technical characteristics, functionality and structure: aerial, duct and direct buried fiber optic cable, as well as self-supporting cable and suspension cable with external power element.

Benefits of cooperation with us

Efficiency. We deliver faster than others promise.

  • From idea to launch of industrial party — 5-10 days.
  • Response time in the online chat on the website — no more than 1 minute.
  • Order in a short time — just ask!
  • Contact with the manager directly from the construction site - Telegram @integracable_bot.

Quality philosophy. Precise calculations = optimal solutions

  • Own accredited laboratory. ILAC MRA status.
  • Warranty for the entire range of products offered.
  • Additional protection against counterfeiting in the form of a holographic sticker.
  • Accreditation from most CIS operators.

Innovation and individual approach.

  • Selection of cables according to the technical requirements of the project.
  • Free promotion and advertising at the start.
  • Flexible pricing policy, developed system of discounts and bonuses.
  • Creating a cable for individual requirements.
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The ARGUS Research and Technical Centre (RTC ARGUS)

The ARGUS Research and Technical Centre (RTC ARGUS) is a Russian developer of a wide range of software products for automating operations and supporting the core business processes in such industries as: the power and oil, gas and telecommunications, industrial sector, logistics, public sector, contact centers etc.

With the Participation of

RDP (Research & Development Partners) is a leading Russian developer and supplier of intelligent hardware and software solutions for large-scale fixed networks.

RDP’s specialization is the development of innovative software and hardware-and-software systems for high-performance processing of network traffic.

Our products, meeting the international quality standards, are in high demand for carrier-class networks. All software products of the company are available in the form of source codes, the rights of which belong to RDP, and are protected by the Russian law.

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Information Space Center "Severnaya Corona"

Information Space Center "Severnaya Corona" is a Russian company operating in the high technology market for more than 25 years. The main efforts are concentrated in the development of terrestrial and satellite radio systems for various purposes.

The company takes an active part in the development of promising satellite communication systems and networks, including Express-RV, Marathon IoT, etc. Our competence includes the analysis and justification of most system-technical issues that determine the technical characteristics and capabilities of new systems. Including orbital construction, guaranteed radio visibility zones, multi-beam coverage, radio link energy.

The accumulated experience and unique proprietary software allow us to carry out work on frequency-territorial planning of terrestrial radio systems with the maximum degree of efficiency, while ensuring high reliability and stability of operation even in difficult electromagnetic environments.

The company is one of the leaders in the supply of specialized software of its own production (CAD "Albatross"), intended for the design of satellite and terrestrial radio information transmission systems. More than 300 companies in Russia and the CIS are authorized users of software products.

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НТО «ИРЭ-Полюс»

НТО «ИРЭ-Полюс» — многопрофильная компания, производящая волоконные лазеры и системы на их основе. Телекоммуникационное подразделение НТО «ИРЭ-Полюс» разрабатывает и производит современное высокоэффективное оборудование «Горизонт» для построения оптических транспортных сетей связи на основе технологии DWDM. Оборудование может использоваться в сетях связи различного назначения (операторские, ведомственные, ЦОД) и масштаба - от городских до магистральных сетей национального уровня.